After experiencing a luxury white hair salon, a black women’s hair salon and a Jamaican barbershop, I know which one I like best  

  That epic Joshua-Klitschko duel left me questioning everything I thought about my attitude towards boxing and violence.

Using former slave plantations as wedding venues is a desecration of memory. So when the Whitney Plantation became the first US plantation museum dedicated to slavery, I knew I had to pay a visit.

I didn’t come here for in-depth discussions about the region, or to understand its history or psyche. I came here simply to eyeball one of the most insanely beautiful places on earth.

I am open-minded, but there is one group of people I do not understand and cannot accept — and that is nudists. But that’s ok — science says it is nature’s way of keeping me alive (sort of)

An excerpt from my essay, A Time to Lie, which examines why some refugees tell ‘alternative truths’ in their asylum applications. It was published in the anthology, A Country of Refuge (Unbound, 2016)